Firearm Exports

For Firearms shipped from Switzerland to foreign countries

Firearms Export

Thank you for choosing M426 as your firearms exporter. To help this process go as smooth as possible, here are some general guidelines. To apply for your license, we are required to submit the following information:

  1. Purchase Order: This document must be from the foreign end user, requesting these items be shipped to them. We need to have this in German, French, Italian or English. This can be mailed or emailed to us.
  2. Import permit: This document is either an original permit or certificate issued by the foreign government, authorizing the import of the items specified in the purchase order. It usually contains an official signature, government seal and validity period or expiration date. Typically a firearms dealers, business license or authorization to own or carry a firearm is not acceptable. Check with your local laws to determine what your government requires. We would like to get an original, if possible. If not, a certified copy can be used. We must receive the original or certified copy via mail, unless it’s an original PDF/A. We need to have this in German, French, Italian or English.
  3. For non-commercial persons only: We need a Swiss aquisition permit for the desired firearms. This document is issued by the police of Canton Bern and is necessary to apply for the export license.
  4. For non-commercial persons only: We need a copy of your passport or identity card. US drivers license will not be accepted for export permit application.
  5. End-User-Certificate: This is a document, that states to what intend firearms leave Switzerland. You will be provided with a template from us. We will need this EUC to apply for your export license.
  6. Translation:  If the permit is not in German, French, Italian or English, we will need a translation also. The translation can be emailed as PDF/A to us. We have had several licenses rejected because of a lack of a translation. We must receive the certified original translation via mail or email.

After we receive these documents, we will apply for your license. An approval can take 2-8 weeks to get back from the Swiss federal police (fedpol) or Swiss State Secretary for Economic Affairs (SECO), sometimes longer. The clearer and more complete the supporting documentation is, the quicker they seem to process the application. We cannot guarantee approval for every firearm you want. There are some guns that cannot be exported and some guns that other countries will not allow to be imported. We will ship the guns after the export license is received and payment process is finished.

Important Information We Want To Make Certain You Are Aware Of:

  • Due to costs and current restrictions, we do not export ammunition in any quantity.
  • All firearms, firearm parts, pieces and components require an EXPORT permit.
  • Generally, almost any firearm commercially available in Switzerland can be exported.
  • The biggest cost-variable is shipping.
    • Most Ground Shippers will not accept firearms for international shipments, even not for surrounding countries.
    • Most firearms must be shipped via air freight.
    • Some airlines will not accept firearms for carriage.
    • Shipping during the holiday season is more expensive than shipping during off-peak travel seasons.
  • Dimensions, weight and destination determine shipping costs, not the number of firearms. Often there is not much cost difference in exporting one (1) firearm to five (5) firearms, or from six (6) to 12 firearms – the cost equation is driven by dimensions, weight, destination and value.

What Is It Going To Cost?

Our fee for processing your export license is CHF 100 plus CHF 25 for each firearm, with a minimum fee of CHF 250 or 2% of the value of the shipment, whichever is greater.
This fee needs to be received before we can submit your application and includes the fees which the Swiss Authorities charges for each approved application.
All other customs brokers’ fees and shipping fees are to be paid before the guns are shipped to you. For items at our facility more than 6 months, there will be a charge of CHF10 per line item per month or fraction of a month for storage. If we have to re-pack your shipment into a larger box or crate, there will be additional charges. We accept wire transfer, Visa and MasterCard.

There are additional fees that we have little control over. They include all shipping costs from here to the foreign end-user, brokers’ fees, storage fees, insurance, duty, etc. These fees must be collected before shipment or will be charged chash on delivery. They can range from CHF 250 to CHF 1000+. We can get an estimate of these costs for you once we know what all the variables. You will be liable for these fees, even if there is an error made by our agents or customs personnel. We will be responsible to deliver your items to a carrier for delivery to you, but in no case are we responsible for damage incurred in transit or lost, misdirected or customs seized shipments.

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